Something Strange Happing With The Matrix

Just downloaded and loaded up a track I’m working on. On B9 and other release I would double click a block in the Pattern Matrix and then use the arrow keys to move around, hitting the Enter key to turn that block on and off, nice and easy, no problems.

In RC1 it goes to the first block then moving around doesn’t deselect the old block, instead it makes a rectangular block (so if I moved two up and four left I would have a block of eight all selected, which would all be muted/unmuted when Enter is hit.)

Was this a purposeful change we haven’t been told about? The option to make block selection like this, by holding down a modifier key while moving with the cursor, could be very useful but not as the standard operation. (Hopefully my system’s playing up and thinks a key IS held down or something…)

Using WinXP SP3.

EDIT: It just suddenly stopped doing it when I double clicked a block again. Assume it must be some feature I don’t understand yet. Sorry for erroneous post.

Was doing it again when I loaded a song today and I couldn’t get it to behave normally. Any ideas why?

Also only noticed I accidentally put this in Ideas rather than Bugs although it’s probably not really either…

EDIT: From playing around it’s same behaviour as if Shift was held down the entire time but seems to be happening randomly.

Hmm…here it seems to work just fine?

That’s totally shopped. I can tell by the pixels.

That’s not the point. I can tell by the way the joke is construed.

The up arrow pixels should be green, it’s shopped alright! ;)

That’s not the point. I can tell by the way the joke is construed.

Have you got sticky keys turned on in Windows ?

I KNOW… TOTALLY shopped, eh? WHEN will people learn to stop using pixels?

No that thing is horrible and I’ve only ever seen this behaviour in RC1 and used B7-9 and fair amount beforehand. Happened twice at random now and not been repeatable so not sure what to do except say I’ll keep an eye on it.