song arranger loop off

Hi, I have just noticed that there is not a loop off function on the song arranger. For me this is quite essential to my workflow as I easily get lost in thoughts and become entranced very quickly and thus I am rendered a zombie in deep conversation with potato peelings who hang out with the royal familly and show off about there new alphabet systems and where they have been on holiday. Obviously being easily entranced I have only just noticed this after several years of use. Sure I can lay down a stop command in the master track. However this very simple thing is quite essential, and features in most popular daws and media applications. I am sure it would not require an immense amount of code. Please get this done. Thanks. Currently I am on version 2.81 so if this is already available in version 3 then say so here. Thanks.

have a 1 line long pattern in the end of your song, then in the master track add the pattern command ZT00

Yes I am quite aware of that, thanks. However this may not be so obvioua to new users, nor was it obvious to me for years that this would be more productive. I think looping round is better for mixing down and altering fx. However for focus on arranging and note entry etc it is more effective for me to have a stoo at the end. I have been entranced by some really bad loops as I can even be entranced by the whirring of a fridge or the washing machine. Translated to Generic minds = slightly happier and better producers.