Song in progress - Need a little advice.

I have a certain song that created 6-7 years ago on my old
Yamaha DB50XG daughterboard. The original version is only
DB50 and Cakewalk. I believe 3.0.

Renoise version:

Original version:…beroriginal.mp3

I used a synth that sounded much like a violin in the original. I can’t seem
to find any sample that is similar. I will try tweaking some VSTs later
for the right sound. Did find a nice bass guitar VST instrument for remake.

I ended up changing the drums a half dozen times. I still think they
sound a little bit off. They are standard 909s. Are the drum samples
off or too sparse in the mix?

Original sound really had no emphasis whatsoever on percussion. There
is a cool sweeping snare that is nice and just some short kick and a bongo type sound. Non-standard stuff. This time I used normal drums and
I don’t like it. I know about the noteoff in the wrong place at around
a minute and 40 seconds! hehe

Any “constructive” advice would be greatly appreciated. I would like to
just use the original, but the quality isnt the best and thought I would
make a newer verison in renoise.

I spent about 2-3 hours on the remake.

The renoise version reminded me a lot about a mobytrack :)
Nice piano-chords and a cool beat to go with it!

What I think would be cool (this is just my opinion) would may be if you inserted a hightoned string or string like instrument to kind of top it off a bit more after a while :)

listening to the original … the violinsound does sound ALOT like a soft violin, maybe you can get the same sound by downloading a violin sound and simply altering the EQ a bit? :)

I really like the suspense the swooosh-cymbal gives… this i think would be a great track if you just work some more on the variation and such :)

good job and good luck!


EDIT: Ps: like the way you made the piano have different volume on each note :) makes it sound alot more live!