song made only with RENOISE 3.0

Hello world,

this is my new track made using RENOISE 3.0 and using stock RENOISE plugs(EQ, REverb, Delay, COmp)

EVerything was produced and arranged with RENOISE 3.0.

I dig it man!! It has a really nice classic industrial vibe.

yes. very impressive for renoise only. I agree with garmonbozia on the classic industrial vibe. I would have eaten this track up in my goth years. Sounds great like the music the Cleopatra label was releasing in the late 90s

thank you both…

What I mean by Renoise 3.0 only is, Renoise was used as the sampler, arranger, and mixer.

THe synths are Minibrute and Bass Station 2 recorded to Renoise3.0 while at the same time using stock plugs.

I will sure check Cleopatra label. I like Techno music today and Nitzer Ebb.

UPDATE: Cleopatra Records had Information Socity? cool.