Song Merge Directly in Renoise

To be able to merge different songs together would be a wonderful option.

You can do merge songs withe the xrni-renoise tools…

I appreciate the info, I really do, but I’m talking about an option that’s actually simple to use and is a native part of Renoise, like a pulldown menu option next to “open song” in the file menu called “insert song”.

Scripting is difficult for me. The last time I tried to work with some of those tools (it was a drumkit maker), I almost threw my computer out the window, it’s frustrating and very difficult for me. Xrni-renoise tools is NOT an option for me, no matter how easy scripting may be for many other people.

I think we need the possibility to open multiple songs, play them together and maybe some form of copy paste…

Basically what I find possible future solutions:

  1. Ability to open multiple songs. Even two would be fine.
    1.1 Ability to play two songs together.
    1.2 Global effects stack that applies to on both/all of the tracks
    1.3 Song mixer (crossfade)

  2. Copy paste between the songs
    2.1 Possibility of Deep Copy (when copying a pattern, it copies necessary instruments, track DSP’s automations etc.)
    2.2 Ability to copy sequencer blocks.

That’s nice if you use MIDI-only songs or songs that contain not much sample-data but won’t work when you want to merge two songs that load heavily packed sampler vst’s so such option need to come with a warning and warranty disclaimer. (loss of work due to crashes because Renoise can’t predict how much memory VST plugins would need when they start to load their stuff in memory)

That makes sense. I just sincerely hope something like this is possible–there are so many songs I’d like to merge. :)

+1 for me.

I cant get the xrni-tool to work on my mac… :(

The XRNS-PHP scripts are easy to use on Windows. The merge script does the job. No need to wait (unless of course, you want to?)

  1. Download this file
  2. Unzip
  3. Double click: get_cvs_dev_version_scripts.cmd
  4. Wait for the scripts to download
  5. Double click: xrns-sf.exe (this is a windows program written by Beatslaughter)
  6. From the drop down in the upper right, select xrns_merge
  7. … Follow the instructions …

OS X and Linux is a bit more difficult, but not impossible (I wrote a lot of the scripts, I work on OS X)


The “get_cvs_dev_version_scripts.cmd” is what I did wrong before–I did not click that before (edit: I clicked on the exe and then thought I had to download the script files, which I did, then looked at the help file to find that I would have had to make .cfg files for every .ini file available, from scratch, which is where I got overwhelmed before). Usually one clicks on an exe, not a cmd file. Before when I looked at the xrns-sf.html help file, I became overwhelmed–and that help file DOES mention get_cvs_dev_version_scripts.cmd but as something that is not recommended.

I still think that song merge or “insert song” should be a native option in Renoise. Actually, looking at all the scripts available, it would seem to me that putting these options in Renoise natively would be a really good idea. Why have all these things been kept separate from Renoise? Is there some sort of licensing issue or something?

On way to “merge” song into another song (as long as you work with MIDI) is to simply use copy/paste, you can copy a pattern into lets say textedit/notepad and then just paste it into an empty pattern.
I have not used it so much, but it works at least. We can all store our songs in a txt file

No, The Renoise fileformat got changed to an open fileformat (which it wasn’t in the past) so any capable developer can develop tools for it.
All this stuff is developed because small or larger features may be realised by outsiders while Renoise developers can focus on the more important targets to bring Renoise up to a new level.
Plus we don’t have enough inside developers to get all these wishes done within a reasonable amount of time.

“You can’t have all, but you can make some if you really want to”

mongomonkii: unfortunately I primarily use VST instruments now, and occasionally samples for drums. EDIT: I used to use midi and used my external JV-2080 module but found that there are too many difficulties in recording it–my other computer doesn’t have a great sound card and there’s always a little bit of noise.

vV: Thanks for the explanation :D

thank you man!!! :)

edit; i’m allready merging lots of songs together to prepare some live act!!! i was really needing this without knowing it was allready existing… :)