Song Rendering

so… when you render a song with renoise… you save it in .wav

and I don’t think there’s a way to save it directly in .mp3…

So, how do you guys convert it to mp3? Personally, I load the .wav in fruityloops so I can extract the song in mp3… I can add more stuff to my song too…

but there probably are easier ways to convert it… so that’s why I’m asking how you guys are doing it…


I load the WAV into Reaper and render to MP3. A bit convoluted but it works for me.



G’day Mate,

There’s a heap of ways to convert from wav to mp3.

I just use winLame. It’s fast. Free. Easy. Does the job. Go to and follow your nose.

I use Audacity for loading the WAV and use Lame_enc.dll to export to mp3

LameDropXPd is the bestestest!

Yeah I knew there were so many ways… so that’s why I wanted to know yours… I might try a few more ways just to find one that would be even faster and easier than what i’m currently doing… I had audacity before… and its a pretty good program… I might try that…

thanks for the link… it’s very interesting…

I use CDex; really excellent tool for fast/quality converting.

Cubase, most of the times.

Yeah, like the topic starter should get Cubase to convert wav’s to MP3’s. :rolleyes: That’s like geting earth-mover to make sandcakes.

I really recommend that LameDropXPd. There’s no easier way of doing it.