song.selected_sample behavior in r3

Many thanks for this. I can’t figure out what to use instead of the ‘selected_sample’ function.

I’m not a programmer but I was able to ‘hack’ around the code that user ‘Cas’ shared with me from his ‘Sloper’ tool, to get what I wanted.
This is a version with the gui removed, that does a parabolic volume boost to the middle of the currently selected sample. It obviously fails on the ‘selected_sample’ statements in RNS 3 beta.

-- Main --  
 local SLOPE_FORMULAS = { "X", "X^Y", "X^(1/Y)", "(math.cos((1-X)*math.pi)/2+.5)^Y", "(math.atan(1-X*2)/2+.5)^Y" }  
 local STEREO = renoise.SampleBuffer.CHANNEL_LEFT_AND_RIGHT  
 local lo = 100  
 local hi = 100  
 local sp = 1  
 local function BoostMiddle()  
 local rs =  
 local sb = rs.selected_sample.sample_buffer  
 if not sb.read_only then  
 local step = 0.0  
 local flo = lo/100.0  
 local fhi = hi/100.0"BoostMiddle")  
 local ch = sb.selected_channel  
 local slope_func = function(X, Y) return math.sin(X*math.pi) end  
 local sc = (sb.selection_end - sb.selection_start)+1  
 for i = 1, sc do  
 if io == 2 then  
 step = 1.0-i/sc  
 step = i/sc  
 if ch == STEREO and sb.number_of_channels == 2 then  
 sb:set_sample_data( 1, sb.selection_start+i-1,  
 sb:sample_data(1, sb.selection_start+i-1)*(1+0.15*slope_func(step, sp)) )  
 sb:set_sample_data( 2, sb.selection_start+i-1,  
 sb:sample_data(2, sb.selection_start+i-1)*(1+0.15*slope_func(step, sp)) )  
 if ch == STEREO then ch = 1 end  
 sb:set_sample_data(ch, sb.selection_start+i-1,  
 sb:sample_data(ch, sb.selection_start+i-1)*(1+0.15*slope_func(step, sp)) )  
renoise.tool():add_menu_entry {  
 name = "Sample Editor:Process:BoostMiddle",  
 invoke = BoostMiddle  
renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Sample Editor:Fade:BoostMiddle",  
 invoke = BoostMiddle  
_AUTO_RELOAD_DEBUG = function()  

Thanks for any pointers, and sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

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The current selected sample as global API option has been removed, you now always have to define which instrument and sample it involves.
Luckily selected_instrument_index and selected_sample_index are still present:

try adding
rs = rs.instruments[rs.selected_instrument_index].samples[rs.selected_sample_index]
directly beneath:
local rs =

If that fails just replace the last line with:
local rs =[].samples[]

Thanks, vV!

That’s a great help, I reckon I can get all my tools working again!

Really appreciate the quick reply…



“selected_sample” is still there. The only difference in Renoise 3 is that it can be nil now. An instrument has no samples by default in Renoise 3.
So either simply check for ~= nil or/and create a new blank sample then via the API.

Yes indeed it is still there.
It didn’t popped up because i was doing a list-tracing on “selection_start” which seemed possible to ask for selected_sample(.selection_start) in 2.8 and this option is no longer available.
Nice to warn about the nil value, i have overlooked that one.