Song Won't Load

I made a song with renoise, saved it. When I try to open it in Renoise now, it says “Loading Renoise 1.25 song module” and it just freezes…

I dunno what happened!

Where do I send the log file??

Thanks in Advance


I have the exact same problem as you (with v1.25 final)

Sadly the song in question was my early ideas for the beatbattle competition… :(

I find that after leaving it frozen for a very long time, I get a Windows dialog box - a General Protection Fault or similar.

Also, after trying repeatedly to load it, I turned off my computer.

When I turned it back on again, my soundcard had been uninstalled and Windows ‘detected’ the ‘new’ hardware, and made me reinstall it.

I strongly suspect Renoise as having something to do with that too.

That’s what happens to me too!

Unless I put Renoise in “window” mode, I have to restart my PC!

This is the first time it has ever happened to me though, and it bothers me alot, because a friend of mine helped me make this song, so it’s kind of special…


Please send the song to me and I will see what I can do.

Taktik, I have the song here, although the zipped file is 1.4 mb…
My hotmail / yahoo account does not support these sizes.


If it is not too much trouble, I could send it to you on IRC, on the #Renoise room.


I would appreciate it alot.

I will be there all through the nite, probably.

Thanks in Advance.


I’m afraid I cannot send you mine, because it is really large. Sorry.

Hopefully dufey’s will be enough to track down the problem.


Hi Paul.

Taktik fixed my song. Even though he had to remove all the envelopes from it first.

I really hope that this bug will be fixed in the future, somehow. And if it occurs again, try to remember what you did to make it happen/Reproduce the bug.


Anywho, that’s all. Thanks again Taktik. :rolleyes:


PS: I will try to add the envelopes the same way I did last time, just to see if it happens again.