Song Won't Playthrough Continuously

When I hit the spacebar to play my song it keeps looping whatever pattern I happen to be in. Renoise won’t advance to the next pattern. This behavior came out of nowhere. It’s like it things my spacebar is the Right-Alt key all of a sudden.

No, the pattern editor block loop isn’t engaged. No, those little empty squares next to my patterns aren’t selected as grey. They’re all empty.

Have you accidentally enabled Pattern Looping in the Transport Panel ?

It’s the 2nd button, next to Play, and functions slightly differently to the block loop and sequence loop.

I don’t think I did but it’s possible. I closed the file, reopened and the problem went away. I’m gonna pretend I hit that button and if I didnt and it happens again I’ll post to the bugs forum. Thank you.

The default key binding for it is Ctrl + Scroll Lock.

Perhaps you just got a little bit fast and loose with the ninja tracker key presses? :smiley:

I’m glad you brought that up. Maybe this can be useful to someone down the line. I do get nina-y on the keyboard. Sometimes I forget to hit esc and turn off edit mode. Meanwhile I’m playing the song and jamming out to my VST on the keyboard. 30 seconds later I notice I’m editing over one of my tracks. I hit CTRL-Z trying to backtrack to the last best location.

Is there a better way?