Songs And Subjects

i was wondering if you guys know about any songs that set off emotions…
i tend to associate songs from genres of blues rock rap with emotions
but it seems to be harder to achieve from electronic pieces…
do you know any songs that are written to represent emotions?
carry certain feelings?
i dont know… just curious about how people feel about this genre in portraying emotions…

I associate (much of) electronic with “caged animals trying stuff that just doesn’t help” when observing others getting down, but can get some sort of ego rush when listening to it myself. Don’t know what I’m trying to say, but I think there is always an emotion… just a useless, sh*tty one sometimes. Sterile hate is an emotion, too.

Guess that’s quite individual, progressive electronic music, like certain types of techno, drum & bass and trance gives me hypnotic focus. But is that an emotion or a state? I feel happy nevertheless.

I’m with Johann, there’s always an emotion allthough what I think you are talking about is how to feel emotional when listening to music. Am I right? If so, listen to Xerxes’ stuff and get emotional. Or, get some powerful hardcore techno and get the aggression pumping.

I agree with you guys as well. I feel there is always some sort of emotion with all types of music, it just depends on how “deep” it is. For instance, I tend not to listen to most pop music because it sounds way too happy for me.

It’s getting harder to get emotions out of electronic stuff these days. There are so many people making this music too just for money - which was not the case at all in the nineties when it was UG =) You might want to try some earlier rave and techno / trance tunes. Such songs as Chakra - Love shines through and Cygnus X - orange theme are good examples of electronical music packed with emotions =) Perhaps also try some earlier works of Prodigy and RMB… =)

– Björk

Everything I’ve ever written? In fact, most pieces from established artists here? Full to the brim with emotion. It’s the TYPE of emotion you need to be more specific about.

E.g. Drum and Bass style music is about a certain physical, not-passive, engagement focusing on the selective sequential release of endorphins and energies. Doesn’t always work on headphones in bed when looking for a more passive or purely psychedelic experience.

And there are positive and negative emotions, all dependent on context and framing. One person’s bliss-music is another’s wallowing-pit. Or take aggression: some people use it as a positive motivator, while for others it’s a complete abhorrence.

But, there are plenty of rap, blues and rock songs that are simply “going through the motions”, just as much as there are many copy-cat electro songs that are emulators for the sake of emulation. Despite having a small emotional intent behind them, these don’t satisfy. Turn off the radio. Turn off the TV. Start asking some people with experience where you can find some quality music, and you’ll find it, often totally outside the genre boxes. Soon enough you’ll find songs, albums and or artists that click with you.

And I don’t want to hear no crap about how there’s no good new music anymore. You’re looking in the wrong places.