Songs with no tracks in them

(Gerund) #1

So I recently imported an .it file to steal its good good samples. Because it was intended as a sample pack it had no tracks, only the instruments that made up each sample. I’d like to be able to just use this file as-is, but I actually can’t find a way to insert a track that isn’t a send track? I can only select master and send tracks, because no normal tracks exist, and the usual “insert track” button will only insert sends from those two locations.


Gerund, to be honest I don’t think I’d use Renoise in that state (actually I’m a little surprised it hasn’t crashed) even if you could add a standard note track as I think Renoise is designed to have at least 1 standard regular note track at all times. As a thought, could you not import the .it file into say OpenMPT or Milkytracker and make sure there is at least a blank track, export the new song, then import that into Renoise? The other thing is that I take it the samples/instruments have loaded/imported? So could you not export each instrument from Renoise, create a new song (in fact I’d restart Renoise completely), then reload each instrument manually?