I´ve just uploaded a new metaltune here.

rendered with renoise 1.5a2, finaly. Renoise 1.281 will not start anymore
because my computer sucks.

1.5 DID IT ! :D :D


song is not realy finished. probably it never will.

ahahahaaaa…i´m not so into metal stuff but this is quit funny one…i think you should finish it. or can eye?




heard it to often, lack of perspective. stucked.

also used to many DX dsp´s, now I don´t know how
to publish the .rns

Really cool! Nice work!

But I can’t get it to play correct. It says the song is around 4 minutes long, but after while it stops playing. I tried to play it in winamp and mediaplayer…Maybe its just my download that was corrupt.

DAMN, upload was broken…

not good not good…

update in ten minutes.



What did you use (DSP effects, Kontakt, VST’s) to make the drums sound so… i dunno… full?


And also, the guitar was awesome, it live or a VSTi?

Awesome, I gave it a 90!

If it wasn’t due to the fact that the DX plugins probably aren’t free, I would love to see something like this included in a Renoise demo song pack.

Awesome. :yeah:

Man, this kicks ass!

thanks dudes :)

NI Kontakt + dry multisample setups. my goal was a clean but dirty, loud and
merged sound but also to use as few dsp´s as possible.

drum tracks + 1 eq + send
send + a shaper (RubyTube) to merge the drums into one kit +
one multiband compressor to get a clean sound again. I love this
Waves C4 thingy.

guitars come from slayer 1.51 + a good many of automation + IK Amplitube + C4
not live ;)

master track + Waves RBass + IZotope Vinyl + RComp + C4 + L2 maximizer. ready
Vinyl helps merging high frequencies, bypass everything and leave the needle
wear thing to 10 or 20%.

not free :(