I know this may be prying, or maybe it has been posted already, but are you guys springing for dual core support in the next version?

I think with the new Intel CPU’s it will be all handled by the cpu. Renoise never supported Hyperthreading on the P4 chips that was a different technique and didn’t work. I do not know exactly in detail how this works with AMD Dual Core chips…

don’t think so.
it’s still the application which has to be SMP-capable.
i don’t think that the threads of one app can be parallelized by the hardware.

so if renoise won’t be designed for multi-threading, you won’t have any or just very little benefit of the additional core(s).

i’d be glad if someone would say that i’m wrong with my perception.

There is still hope that the plugins themselves will use multi cpu’s even if the vst host does not support it.
But I only know one plugin that can do that for now: kontakt.
I have not tried it myself. But I got it confirmed from a few plugin developers that this is indeed possible.

The version 2 of EnergyXT is soon to be released with many improvements for multi cpu support. So you can also wrap plugins using eXT inside renoise.

I thought that because of 2 cores on one cpu it would work in a different way… it could balance the load or sumtin’… Not sure where I read that and I’m starting to doubt now :unsure:

I’ve also read about kind of an “inverted hyperthreading”.
Instead of an one core cpu faking it has 2, a dual core cpu tells the system it has only one. Don’t know exactly the benefits of it though.

Well the benefit would be that non multi-threaded apps could take advantage of both cores.

Either way renoise runs a small load on my computers, so it’s no big deal… but it would be nice to take advantage of my systems… I think it would be beneficial to make reanoise a multi threaded app seeing as how pretty much every computer proc comapany out there is focusing on dual cores. And it wouldn’t hurt single core users either- they just wouldn’t take advantage of the extra threads.

But yeah… this is an extra dumb question: If my host sequencer is a single threaded application, will it stunt my vst’s like kontakt that are optimized to take advantage of dual processing, or do they all do their own thing? I’ve been wanting to ask that for awhile now. :unsure:

The vst can use multi cores even if the host is single threaded.
Kontakt does it. And energyXT does it (still poor, but will be much better with version 2).

Yes, sounds reasonable. :)