Sorry! But Another Nooby Question! What The Heck Are Dsp Chain

Hey guys! I’m so so SO sorry for all these nooby questions, you must be getting so sick of them!

However, I guess that what the forum is here for… to ask!

Okay, so my question! What the heck are DSP chains, what do they mean and what do they do hahaha! I’ve read the manuel and it doesn’t say what they are or what they do, or what they even stand for! It’s making me really mad lol!

Thank you so much in advance, all info is greatly appreciated!

  • Michael.

A DSP chain is just a bunch of effects chained together. :) So put a distortion on a track, then a filter behind it and you’ve got a little DSP chain :lol:

no sweat, they are combinations of native renoise fx. You can find some examples in the folders near the chip instruments and drum kits included with renoise. Stands for digital signal processing:-)

Oh okay! Thank you so much :D!

What about the DSP chains in the disk browser… what are those?

Thanks so much in advance!

  • Michael

That’s for loading and saving DSP Chains.

You could save and load your own DSP Chains from a file path of your choosing. You have a total of 4 custom file paths for each Song, DSp Chain, Instrument, Sample, and Theme.

You could also check out Renoise’s library directory which not only has some DSP Chain collections but some deprecated ones, meaning that some effects weren’t officially approved but the community wanted it anyway, I might have misworded that in some way, but that’s the jist of it.

You can customize how loading a set DSP Chain behaves, you can either replace an existing chain or add on an existing chain. For that option you go to: Preferences -> Files -> Device Chain Import

Edit: Hovering and pausing over certain parts of Renoise will give you an idea on its function and purpose.

to add to 00.1, who’s explanation is good, but may be a bit too technical/in depth for a user with so little experience, here’s a simple explanation:

if somebody makes a cool DSP chain with nice effects doing some particular thing, you can load it in your own song through the ‘DSP Chains’ in the disk browser.

for all the other stuff you need to know, read what 00.1 wrote.