Sorry for newbie question


I’m a very new member here. Signed up mostly to get the following question answered (I did try to search for it):

I used Impulse Tracker way back in the days, and in IT you could edit patterns that weren’t used in the sequencer, if you know what I mean. I don’t know if this feature just isn’t present in Renoise or if I’m too stupid to figure out how it works. In IT’s pattern view you’d use a keyboard shortcut to scroll back and forth between patterns and I really miss that in Renoise!

Maybe it’s just a question of reversing my work process, and I guess I could get used to that, but if the feature is there I’d like to know :)

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Claus Petersen

You can still KINDA do it. In the pattern matrix on the very left you have boxes with numbers and a couple of arrows on either side. That’s the same kind of pattern selector that you would find in a traditional tracker. The only difference is, it references all tracks at a particular pattern number, so if you’re looking for an individual pattern selector for an instrument, I’m not really sure where to go. A lot of people have just taken to using the matrix to copy>paste patterns instead of repeating similar ones, or just writing everything out.

Hi monodna,

you could edit patterns that weren’t used in the sequencer

In Renoise, you can’t edit a pattern without it belonging to the sequence. But you can still come pretty close:

Try to rightclick the pattern sequence and deselect “keep sequence sorted”
Then, in the pattern editor you can now cycle through pattern numbers using CTRL + Left/Right Arrows

See also this discussion:

Read the other thread, and it’s exactly the same thing the OP and I are after… Your suggestion is a useful ‘workaround’ I guess. At least it beats reaching for your mouse to scroll up and down in the sequencer.

Thanks for both replies. Still keeping my fingers crossed for that other feature though :)