I forgot to share this with the Renoise community.

Ok, now how do you feel?

:w00t: :P

Ha catchy tune.

completely unreasonable :)
just like this one.

hehehe :)

Ok, I think that one is slightly more disturbing nags.

Made me smile :) Very funny indeed, though the beginning is not good, its good after 20 seconds, it was on the border but just on the right side of it :)

Someone really should make a video of a cat choir singing, if I get more time I could…

Meow meow meow meow meooooWWWWwwwww… Too good to be true…

I’ll take another listen. This is the last time, I promise!

EDIT: Okay, this time is the last time…
EDIT2: Okay, this time for sure…
EDIT3: Or maybe not, this time definitely.
EDIT4: Hell with it, put in on loop.

I still think ceiling cat pwns all!