"sort by date" and "sort by name" buttons

To check for your recently modified rns files.
My current “05-2003” folder has more than 30 tracks right now (all unfinished :) ) and with sorting by date, I could quickly load my most recently changed tracks instead of going through the whole list one by one.

good idea !

the best would be if renoise used the control classes in the os (in this case windows), then we would get features like this and much more for free, instead of inventing the wheel once again ;) Then the developers could spend their time on real features instead of GUI-releated stuff…
And with good skin-support you can even makes it look like it does today… so even the ft2-wimps will be satisfied ;)

I don’t think there’s enough room in the file-list window for that, especially if you’d choose “View Details”.

Afaik the file list is beeing redesigned at the moment… so the size will hopefully be increased.

a good behaviour woul dbe checking the Work in Progress page before making any request <_<

Your link gives a “Not Found” and I don’t see it anywhere on the new site.

It is because the site was redisigned since IT wrote his message ;) btw, for search-engines it is better if one chose to keep the old filenanames of the html-documents, else one will miss alot of hits for awhile… ;)