Sort Fx Etc Into Groups

I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could sort your plug-in effects in Renoise into groups such as EQs, Vocoders, Compressors, Limiters etc

I’ve got heaps of plugins installed and it’s a bit awkward remembering what is what.

What do you think guys?

Been suggested before, along the lines of being able to create custom groups, custom listings (i.e. change names of VSTs to make more sense, or be uniform for easier selection), etc. XML-based or similar.

Generally, I agree with boshdog.

I’ve thought of suggesting the same thing.

Would be alot easier to find stuff then

How about simply allowing a user definable string to be associated with each VST? Just a text box (that is, a column (that can be toggled on/off, maybe even in preferences instead of with yet another little button)) that when editing a field also suggests all other strings you previously used to describe VST effects or instruments respectively.

Of course Renoise would need to remember those descriptions… maybe by checksum? That way you would only have to update them when you use a new version which would be fair enough.

This is a cool speed-up feature.