Sort Songs By Date

I would really love an option to sort the songs by date in Renoise. I hate how just about every time I want to continue working on a song I was working on preiously, having to go to windows, go to the my-music/renoise-songs directory, and then looking at it via date there because renoise doesn’t seem to carry the same folder view options–when I use the file/option to open songs in Renoise, the music directory view defaults to not being able to see the files via date created/accessed, it defaults to only being able to categorize by genre/artist/song/etc.

It’s really frustrating when I want to come back to a song I was working on. PLEASE add a date option–I don’t really understand why the filesize is more important than date. It’d be great if there was a little box I could click that would switch between viewing the filesize on the right or the date.

good idea, should be able to view by modified date.
try using the search function for now though. it works pretty well.

Search function?


What are you referring to?

If there is a search function in Renoise, does it let me search by date? If not, it won’t help me at all. I know my songs by when they were made, not by the title.

press the magnifying glass icon to search the disk op

  • you can sort files by date by right clicking in the diskop and check ‘date’ in sort files. Or did you mean something else?

Has that “sort files” been there the whole time? OMFG!!! That was NOT expected at all. I should have asked earlier. :(

Thanks thanks thanks!!! :)

This should probably get moved to help instead of suggestions…