Sound Difference Between 1.8 And 1.9

I’ve loaded my BB5 entry into Renoise 1.9 and noticed sound differences (especially in the intro) between it and version 1.8. Any idea, what this might be? All tests were rendered with the same settings… simply playing the song in Renoise makes this obvious too.

Here are two screenshots of the waveform comparing both versions. When quickly switching between them in an image viewer (or browser tabs), the difference is clearly visible.

Here are two renderings for listening.

The first thing that you should check are the master option, which now moved to the song settings -> Soft Clipping and DC filter

Do they match your old preferences?

Yes, i’ve turned all mastering options off in both versions. I suspect it might be the filter device. The beginning of the waveforms seem to match. When fading in the filter bleeps slowly, it seems to get more obvious over time.

i reckon renoise 1.9 has MORE BASS!!! woot woot ;)

One tip, use the EQ5 and change one of the bands to 103Hz to get some big warm bass!

yes, my bb entry also sounds different in 1.9

I think it’s the filters on extremer settings

Interesting topic Beatslaughter… I hope there is no difference between versions, as I’d hate to re-tweak the 50 odd WIPs I have :o

Would this have something to do with the rendering options for the individual samples?

One track of Looza’s Boombox (which I btw) sounds slightly different in 1.8 and 1.9, too.

Would be great if we could narrow this down a bit more - to a pattern or to a track.

In the case of boombox: first pattern, the track to the left of the hihats. The second delay on that track has the delay values automated via LFO, and that seems to be it.

Well aside from the 0exx retrigger and fx cut behavior, no other changes should affect songplay. But the retrig and cut changes do affect song-play.

There was some changes done in the delay device. Delay glitches will be more smooth now. So changing delay time will sound different in 1.9

If you mean track 05, then thats clearly the delay time smoothing (as pysj said):
Automating delays in Renoise < 1.9 causes clicks. We fixed this in 1.9 by ramping the delay times. Thats why it sounds a bit as if you are pitching the delays up and down…

Hey, that is very good news actually! With Renoise the happy happy never stops :dribble:

well said :)

I’ve done some more tests. Deactivating all delays made the difference nearly not audible anymore, so i guess it must be the reason. Why nearly? I did two renders of the exact same pattern of the song in 1.8, and i got two subtle different versions. Wondering why, since i haven’t used any LFOs or random values. No complaint for this from me though, guess it’s some effect not being constant.

Regarding the delays… i haven’t automated any of them, but it seems the ramping is applied anyway.

On a side note… i’ve noticed a quite drastic speed difference, when rendering in 1.8 and 1.9 the same pattern. 1.8 renders the same part a lot faster than 1.9 here (using low priority).

Yeah, I have noticed that 1.9 is generally a bit slower all round…

It doesn’t seem slower on high priority though, does it? I guess that just means that low priority now really is low priority/background. If so I’d kinda like that, but maybe an additional “medium/normal priority” setting wouldn’t hurt.

Is there a quality difference between the different priorities? Why would you want to render something low instead of high.

there is no quality difference, but rendering at high priority could cause glitchs on slow computers (expecially if you are using VST instruments)