Sound Driver Problems


A friend of mine has got a problem with his Terratec E64 S soundcard. He’s got a PII 450 mHz soundcard with 448 mb of RAM. Harddrive is scsi.

Strange thing is that other software, like Cooledit pro, can handle up to 24 stereo tracks, and more, playing simultaneously. Renoise gives access to Asio drivers and directsound drivers of the soundcard. If I use the Directosound, does that mean DirectX?

Anyway, all drivers give a huge latency and when songs are big the program even crashes. Strange enough, changing the latency or playback quality doesn’t affect the problems at all. Could it be an IRQ conflict or something like that? But in that case other apps should have same problems right?


Anyone got a clue?

yes - Directsound means the DirectX-sound

ews64s is a really old isa-card and your cpu is not the fastest … maybe this is the reason (the isa port is slow too) … the performance of renoise depends also on your gfx-card …

Renoise performance don’t depends on the harddrive (except of VSTiSampler like Kontakt with directfromdisk features) AND Renoise works really different then CoolEdit … Renoise is more a (sample-)sequencer and CoolEdit an simple hd-recording software or sample-tool …

Thanx Alexander. I installed some new drivers now and it’s slightly better. The man should buy himself a new PC indeed. :lol:

well, i have p4 1,8ghz LAPTOP with ON-BOARD soundcard runnig thru necrosoft DIRECT SOUND DRIVERs and i got LOWEST latency that i can get in DEMO (5ms) and everything is running GREAT! NO crackling, NO popping, NO clipping…NOTHING!!! (except finest quality ov crystal clear sound) :D

pretty farkin amazing, isn´t it!?!

Try setting the latency in config :rolleyes:

I was just kiddin’ anyway.

That’s a bit weird… I have A1800 and SB Live and I get 21 ms latency on kX drivers without a single crack or anything like that.

i took a look at the info for your soundcard, it looks really nice. (what sort of work do you do with it?)

does the Hammerfall Card come with it’s own Directsound driver or are you using a third party driver. I don’t know how familiar you are with your driver configs, but it looks to me like your card has a very extensive configuration page in it’s properties. :)

it wouldn’t suprise me if your problem is caused by a hardware setting. if you need help with this please send me (or someone) screenshots of your config screens, otherwise just use ASIO. it would rock the hell out of your card (if you’re an IT user you’re going to love renoise), and if you’ve spent $750 on a sound card $45 to get the premier pro tracking suite ought to be worth it.

that’s a really nice soundcard… i want one.