Sound Fonts For Mac User

I am new to Renoise, only having purchased the program a few days ago. I am somewhat familiar with trackers from my old Amiga days. A while back, I sampled some instruments I own and made them into soundfont files using the program Polyphontics ( The program is used to make soundfont files and “DLS soundbanks” (whatever that means). The soundfont files work OK with other programs, such as Garage Band, so I know the files are good.

I would like to use these soundfont files with Renoise. I am using a relatively new MacBook Pro (OS 10.6.6), and Renoise version 2.6.1.

I spent several hours searching the archives of this forum, looking at the documentation, and trying to use a plug-in called “Crystal” and something called bs-0.vst. I can’t get it all to work. Maybe some kind soul can start from the beginning, and walk me through how to use a soundfont file with a Mac and Renoise.

Thanks to any who would reply.

On Mac OSX there is an AU instrumentnamed DLSMusicDevice, installed by default.

Place your .sf2 files in /Library/Audio/Sounds/Banks and they will appear in the DLSMusicDevice’s “Sound Bank” drop-down menu.


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Thanks a lot for your reply. It was very helpful.


Somewhat related: I’m looking for a way to extract samples from sf2-files.

Does someone know a tool or method for that? Preferably a free/cheapish one. I’m on a mac too.