Sound From 56 Million Km

This recording is a laboratory reconstruction of the sounds heard by Huygens’ microphones. Several sound samples, taken at different times during the descent, are here combined together and give a realistic reproduction of what a traveller on board Huygens would have heard during one minute of the descent through Titan’s atmosphere.
Audio during descent

Erhm… actually…
Saturn’s maximum distance from Earth:
1,658,854,980 km
Saturn’s minimum distance from Earth:
1,195,772,020 km

Something more than 56
Explanation: There was this picture I was looking at… and some writing reading “Saturn from 56 Ml. Kms” that got stuck in my mind
:rolleyes: :P

I found it… strangely soothing! :rolleyes:

It made me shiver :blink: :ph34r:
Sounds so… familiar… reasonable… that IS some atmosphere the probe is travelling through!

A local newspaper announced that the atmosphere smells possibly like a heap of muck, because there is so much sulfur and methane… :)

wusstet Ihr schon, dass…

…Geiz ist Geil zwar für den Saturn, aber nicht für dessen Monde gilt?

Sorry…this thing is understandable only for german users as well as a bit far from the original topic theme.

Ok, i can believe this noise recorded during descent through Titan’s atmosphere…

But what is those repeating sound hidden in the noise (every secound blip or “ziok”) maybe some timing marker, who knows… Or maybe some aliens chasing Huygen craft :lol:

also wondered about that loop. It might be the sound of the engines!?
…Nah…It’s much more exciting to say that it’s some hidden message from mystirious powers :)

I have explained myself thing pretty much like this…
What you hear: alternance of earth-like wind (some whitenoise) with different pitch and loudness, changing with sudden steps.
These “slices” are there because we’re not listening to a single sample but several samples… taken, possibly, in different moments of Huygens descent and combined together. About the change in pitch and loudness I’d say we hear the engines turning on and off to slow the huygens down… and a good amount of background noise created by Titan’s atmosphere hitting the huygens (wind).

Yeah, but there is some hidden tonal sound.
Repeating every 1 second.
Didn’t you hear it ?

Yes, I can spot that… I think that’s the point where 2 clips are glued toghether… :huh: :unsure:

u guys know if there are any recordings taken on the surface itself???

like…hear wind blowing etc.

that would be so more impressive than this decent of which i think if u should record
an earth decent it will probably sound much the same coz we never heard it before.


I wasn’t able to find any after-descent sound on the ESA page… and that’s weird… but I could find that on some other site:
Check this page…
Only thing is… is a microphone set to record silence on an alien planet. Silence there seems to sound exactly like silence here. Read: nothing to hear. Just the displeasant background noise like radio statics.
What kind of a mic they sent up there?! :blink:

my first sony?