Sound From The Lovely Bones Tv-Spot

Someone help me re-create this sound, preferrably using only Renoise.

It’s for just a few brief seconds, 7 seconds in to the ad. The four fifth-chords G#, A#, B, F# in a fairly slow tempo, that sound like a piano layered with something but I just can’t get this sound.
It’s on right at the same time it says “from academy award winning director PETER JACKSON”

If you want to hear it in a more isolated instance then that is from Canvas by Imogen Heap.

Thanks. Do you know if it’s some sort of a remix in the tv-spot. The chords in the song go maybe half-tempo compared to the spot and there’s one less of them.

EDIT: I was just now listening to the album Canvas is on. The song featured in the ad isn’t Canvas, but 2-1 ^_^