Sound Quality From External Inputs - Fixed With Asio?


Just to introduce myself, I’ve been trying the Renoise demo in the last few weeks and I love it - music making seems so much more fun and fresh than with the sequencer I was using previously, once I got over the initial hump of understanding the tracker interface I’m enjoying it loads.

Anyway, when I use Renoise to trigger an external synth (Novation X-station in this case) via MIDI then route the synth’s output to my interface into a Renoise track through a *Line In device, the quality and latency are pretty poor. Lots of distortion and noticeable delay. My interface is a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, and it sounds good/works well when I use it with other software via ASIO.

Just wondering, do you think this is due to the demo version not allowing ASIO, and therefore would the problem be fixed by purchasing a licence? I’m already intending to buy a licence but I’d like faith that it’ll solve this issue as I’ve got a few bits of external gear that I’d like to use…


Less latency always resolves a lot of timing problems, but Renoise also allows you to set the latency timing for the Midi input and you can set the track-delay according to the latency. For live recording this still sucks though, but for rendering offline (which also requires registration) that might solve a good deal as well.