Sound Quality In Psytrance

Hi great rns ppl :)
Im working on my first psy-trance album [even Im more into dnb and breakbeat] and enjoying working with renoise :-] and I have few questions:

well, I wasn`t satisfied with sound quality especially in rhythm dynamic when I was using VST instrument for Drum generator. I was using “VST:Rhythms BD2” vst bass drum generator by Chris Kerry [] as I thought I can get the best quality instead using sampled bass drums.

But looks like I was wrong… I couldn`t get good rhythm dynamics so I tried with sampled bass drum from one of psy song, loaded sample and filtered a bit. Finally looks like I am satisfied with sound.

So I did small test.

Plz check for this file:

it is around 1 mb and I created this test as I wanted to get the same sound quality and dynamics with vst instruments [and few samples, this time with bass drum only and HiHat-Open]:

Plz download it and check -> I created first part of the song in Renoise and played very similar melody on 14 channels. I put compressor+limiter+2xequalized+2xfiltered [highpass&lowpass] on BassLine track and played strings melody with some vst ins, while bass drum is a short sample. Hihats are from another vst while open hihat is a sample too, but little bit equalized and with volume set to ~20%
master track is compressed a bit and gained volume + equalized a bit too and also I put 6band compressor.

I exported song loop as wav sample, and raised volume for ~30% to get the same level as original song created by Protoculture.

Then I joined my song and Protoculture alternate in Wavelab and exported to mp3.

If you listen carefully, you`ll notice that my song is not 101% as loud as it is Protoculture.
My song is playind from seconds 00 to 26,
then Protoculture goes from second 26th to sec 40
then my song again from sec 40 to 53 [notice hihats quality!?]
and again Protoculture from sec 53 to sec 1:06 [their hihats sounds much better even this mp3 is 128kbps!]

my question would be -> what is your experience in mastering - how to get the same hihats quality? should I also equalize them heavily to get rhythm dynamic by lowering high frequencies or should I put compressor on hi-hats track?

if you compare my work with protoculture, they have a much better dynamics overall than mine…

also - what is overall soundquality in ReNoise when compare to the same work done with vst ins in Cubase, for example? is there a difference [I never worked with cubase so I have no idea how the same vsts will sound there]?


Wow, when I see how they work in the software in that tutorial, I know how lucky I am to be working with ReNoise…



:D tnx! very useful tips! I see in tutorial they use TauBassline → I got demo and compared its unprocessed bass with mine → luckilly it is very similar :) but still dont have luck with rhythm dynamics... but Im on my way to find it out :)

I also followed other tracker forums and I`ll have to say - I agree → renoise is now just perfect for this kind of work! :)