Sound Starts To Doubling After Some Time

Hello everybody,

I run into a little problem with Renoise.
After some use, for me it’s random for now, Renoise starts to double each sound. I hear it when I type a key on keyboard, for example a drum sound, and the sound is playing twice the time, close to each others.

I try to switch audio driver, hoping to re-init things (usually with other little problem linked to sound rendering it does the trick), but no luck with this.

Config :

  • Windows 64 bits home premium
  • Renoise 2.7.1
  • No plug-ins (i mean, using plug-ins in track changes nothing to this problem)

PS : Seems my Windows is a bit crippled, so maybe the problem comes from the host. Just if anyone encounter the same problem…

you might want to consider experimenting with another piece of audio software (if you don’t have anything, try Audacity for example, it’s freeware), to find out if your system gives you other strange audio-related behavior. that way, you can try to determine if the problem is with Renoise, or with your Windows installation.

also, in Renoise, does this happen when the CPU is high up (look at the CPU meter in the upper right corner)? or does it not matter?

Thanks for so quick answer.

The many demos i had tried are not showing any problems. For example reaper demo, DX drivers, ASIO Drivers, WaveMapping, WDM Kernel.

My players are ok too, games are ok.

The CPU is okay, like 2-15%.

Oh I forget to said I use an half-crap soundcard. The old M-Audio Ozone keyboard with soundcard built-in. I had problems with this hardware. For example I can’t select 48000Hz as play rate or the sound got like chaos-stretched. So I’m now in 44100 24Bits.

I didn’t tried with ASIO4All (installed but didn’t use yet).

Thanks already.