Sound Summit

Yo, renoisers…

In a few weeks I’m off to Newcastle, NSW Australia to attend Sound Summit - an anual expo for electro heads and industry people. It’s part of the this is not art festival, on over the October long weekend.

This will be my first year, and I’ve only just organised to go. On display will be many things, including many demo sessions of music software including logic and reaktor… no renoise though. So I’ll be keen to compare my knowledge of Renoise with all these other dudes who swear by these ‘other programs’, hehe :ph34r:

Next year I think there should be a demo booth for Renoise, and I’d love to be invloved with displaying it and running some workshops. So maybe this time next year I’ll contact the devs and see if I can be a ‘rep’. ?

This year though, I want to spread the word to my fellow Aussie glitchers. Has the Renoise team got any business cards I can hand out? Should I just tell everyone the url?

Any other Australian Renoisers out there going too?

Represent :yeah:

I have to work on the Logic heads here in Israel… lol
Everybody are like “Tracker? You mean Impulse tracker? i used to do it when I was 12…”

Totally agree. I feel very leet saying to all these well established electro-heads ‘well, have you see THIS? No, I thought not’. It’s so exciting to be involved with software that’s so cutting edge. Some of these guys are still using Fruity! And all the zines go ‘wow he’s making really fresh stuff’ Gahh…
no he ain’t…

But then again you meet those weird people who write their own software - on machines they’ve built and designed themselves. But they are the sort of people who never ever see daylight and live on 5L of pepsi every 24 hours. Intense.

Renoise will take on the whole global industry in a big way. Enjoy the eliteness while it lasts B)