Soundcloud song order

Short and easy question:
How do I play the songs of an artists ordered ascending by release time?

I’m not really sure about ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’, I’m mixing it up like other people mix up left and right, sorry. What I want to do: I want to listen to the oldest songs first, and hear how people evolve over time.

You mean reverse the default order. I don’t know if you can…

Do a barrel roll handstand.

Have you tried the SC desktop app? I would assume it is more playlist friendly than the website, with more control over various stuff.

Thank you guys.

SC desktop seems to be for Mac exclusively. I found an alternative client for Windows called CloudDeck. But this can’t do what I want. Yes, I could make a playlist, but all manually, instead of reverting the order with just one click. (And using my account data in a third party software doesn’t make me feel really good…)

Maybe I could have a look at the SC API, but then again it’s not really that important to make me start to code. I hoped there was a feature in SC I didn’t notice.

And I could still try that handstand. ;)