Soundfont 2 Export / Import


would be nice if there was a Soundfont import/export function. Lot of hardware synthesizers/workstations that a sample based support Soundfont SF2 format. So I could design a soundfont within Renoise, or import a existing one into Renoise.

What do you think?

Not for 2.7, but more soundlibrary support functions have been discussed.
Keep an eye on future versions i should say.

Hi again, is this now implemented in Renoise 2.8? I cannot find any evidence to it though…

Nopes, don’t know if the file import tool got updated for this though, but i suspect it isnt.

Thanks. I found out there are a bunch of converters out there that are able to convert kontakt,sf2,sfz etc. to Renoise instrument format. So maybe no real need for directly supporting the oldschool sf2 format, since it’s seems to be quite complicated to me as far as I looked into technical docs.

It’s on the todo list, along with everything else. :)