i was just wondering if anyone has got a solution about how to use Waves Soundshifter (real-time) in Renoise without latency-problems? isnt the plugin supposed to have a fixed latency which the vst-host should sync to or something?


i checked up on this and it seems that Renoise should compensate this latency (if renoise does have full vst-support that is)… is latency compensation not implemented in renoises vst-handler or is it a bug?


found the other thread about delay compensation ;D

(isnt it a bit weird that in the features-section of renoise one can read FULL MIDI-support (but renoise does not support MMC) and FULL VST-support when renoise lacks vst-functions which almost all serious sequencers seems to feature?)

IMHO you definetly have a valid point there.

i will be very happy once i can use the user-defined transport functions on my control surface.

I think we should clone a few more Taktik’s to compensate for this :P

LOL ! :panic: