Soundtrack for a drama

Good evening!

My first successful soundtrack has been used for our theatre play. My friends liked it but I would also like to hear feedbacks from You, the musicians. :guitar:

(Genre of play: tragicomedy)

i desperatly need a hardcore bassdrum :badteethslayer: :badteethslayer: :badteethslayer:

seriously this is great. the guitat sound a bit midi but the overall construction and evolution of melodies is awesome

Thanks so much for the feedback, the guitar sounds a bit unnatural at moments, that’s true :slight_smile:

Yeah the melodies are great and the synth with piano combination sound lovely. Agree with the guitar comment though.

Like how you switch up things at 45 seconds

What are you using for the piano, sounds seriously nice!

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: I am using keyzone for the piano :slight_smile:

Ohh nice that is one of the most beautiful melodies i’ve heard. 5/5 Keep up

Thank You! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! And sorry for the late reply, I have been gone for some time. I am currently preparing some tense songs :smiley: