Soundtrack loops to upcoming game

I felt like I wanted to share these songs, or loops with you.
About month back I was asked that if I was interested in making background music and sound effects to this upcoming Mobile game. There was no need to think twice.

All audio I’m producing to this game will be made in renoise.
These songs are just sketches, so they are not finished. I will update songs to soundcloud (and probably here) when I get something publishing worthy.

Game itself is still in very early phase, so I don’t have any soundFX to show you yet(Probably when there is some videofootage of it). The game is meant to be published in autumn.

Tell me what you think, all kind of comments are welcome.


Description of the game from the official facebook page

Nice, especially the second one, eeeerie dark feel to it… !

any chance we could have a peek at the .xrns, or samples, once they’re done? :dribble: :w00t:

Thanks, delt.

I can’t promise yet, there might come some copyright problems as I’m working to a company. I need to talk with my employer :D

Maybe I could do behind the scenes video to youtube, where I show how I did/produced certain things?