[soved] Where are Recorded Samples stored?

Hi, do recorded samples get saved to the hard drive in a folder as well as bound in the .xrns file?

I have tired to search for the files to no avail, I’m guessing if they were to be saved it would be in some temp folder or something, right?

I’d like to have the waves to play with after recording in Renoise, without rendering each one by one.

Thanks in advance.

For samples almost the same but then this radiobutton on the left side instead:

Detailed instructions:

I mean, Recorded Samples.

When you record direct into Renoise from your sound card where does the wave file save?

Surely it records and saves to the hard drive.

It gets stored in the sample-slot of the instrument that is currently selected as soon as you stop the recording session. Renoise stores everything in memory until you either save the song, the instrument that contains the sample, or the sample itself to disk. Nothing earlier than that will be stored on disk except undo data if you have checked the “undo” checkbox in the sample editor. But if you quit Renoise without saving anything, you can consider your recorded data being lost.


From the moment the sample has been recorded to memory (and got stored in a sample slot) you can store it to disk using the given instructions in the earlier post.

Excellent. Thanks very much.

I was unsure as some other DAW will automatically fill your hard drive with wave recordings.

It’s better I get to choose now if I want to save the recording or keep it in the .xrns

Thanks again for the support.