Space Debris


just found ReNoise. Fantastic!

I tried to play the famous old amiga mod called “space debris” and ReNoise was not able to replay it correct.
Is this a well known problem?

I want to buy ReNoise but now I am a little bit confused why it cannot play one of the best mods ever.


Renoise is not a Mod Player!!

download openmpt for free and use the money you saved to purchase renoise!!!

Hmmm … why does it play Mod Files then?

Renoise doesn’t play .mod files. Renoise can import .mod files and try to convert as much data as possible to its own internal .xrns format, and it will then play the .xrns song.

The process of importing and converting .mod files (or any other legacy tracker format) is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that the effects and commands in Renoise’s engine simply aren’t the same as in other trackers, so even if all the .mod data is imported correctly it still may not play correctly.

Renoise is not a .mod player.

Yeah, just try to play “Cream of the Earth” and you’ll see, or hear rather, how well Renoise works as a .mod-player.

A standalone devoted mod-player is probably the only answer if you want to listen to good ol’ mods.

Your only solution for playing both Protracker .mod and .xm/.it completely right would be XMplay (or Deliplayer which is no longer updated),
or the better option, which I use, foobar2k with the foo_dumb plugin.

For example, Winamp has NO mod plugin that gets it all right. even BASS.
foo_dumb is a great plugin, which is being updated all the time, ever since 2003. Check the foobar2000 forums to see it was even updated 4 days ago.

I check players for all sort of glitches and that’s the one that gets it right all the time.
it’s not easy let me tell you…

Space Debris is indeed one of the most well tracked mods ever, and arguably the best synthpop mod, though I have a hard time deciding between it and “Beyond Music”.

Another favorite (to many) in this style is Hyperbased by Tip and Firefox of Phenomena, from a well known Amiga demo called Enigma, check it if you haven’t already - enigma.mod

Trust me though, Renoise is something else. forget about mods. :walkman:

Here’s a quote from the frontpage:

It’s quite easy to make the same assumption that OctavenQuäler did, that Renoise is then able to playback .mod files?
Also, if you follow the (broken) link from the to the documentation wiki (list of supported song formats), you’ll find nothing mentioning that Renoise isn’t able to support all features in imported files. IMHO, the differentiation between playback and import capabilities simply isn’t obvious enough.

It would be a nice gesture to state - somewhere - that Renoise isn’t a mod player. As usual, dBlue put it very well.