Space Out Of Phase

Probably not my best track ever. Definitely the second track I’ve ever made in Renoise. I mixed this on headphones so, I’m totally open to mix feedback. The genre is psy, so if you are like a hard core d n b fan, you are most likely not, going to enjoy this.

I’m actually wishing I was a lot better at music, than I really am, but I’m sharing anyways… so…


Anyways, I designed all these sounds. So… not a preset used. Except of-course, I got bored an lazy, so the open hi hat, and exploding kick, are free wavs from, “googled sample site of the moment.”

I wanted to make a better track in Renoise, but you know… It takes practice, and this is only track two. I kept loosing my place, and loosing the flow, and finally I just got fed up, and rendered it.

On to the next track, which I’m hoping will be better.

Hopefully by track fifty, I have a bit more tracker experience. Anyways, lemme shut up now…


Nice, way better than my second track :D Probably even better than my current tracks are! It does feel a bit more like a long intro though, but I know what you mean by getting fed up with it. I’m trying to learn to make a psy/goa synth type sound.
Did you use any vst’s or do you mean you made everything from scratch? I’d really love to see the xrns file for this if it’s ok.


Thank you for nice post. You have PM.