Spam Users On Forum?

I just noticed that there are at least 600 members added on this forum with names:
sedXPL_7.161560058593750 till sedXPL_4.217529296875819

maybe nothing special, but…

…or spambots. Who knows. I’m all in for more secure registration processes with “enter letters/numbers from weird wobbly picture here”. :)

Not really more of a hassle when it comes to registration, and (hopefully) a way to eliminate the bots.

You mean adding a captcha system.
Wobbly chars can be broken (
I’m currently busy developing one that does not depend on chars.
(not for this board but i get a lot of comment spam on my own site that is hard to fight against without captcha)
It is similar to this one:

That thing isn’t written very well at all. Earlier today I got only 2 kittens, then 1, now I just got ZERO kittens 3 times in a row. Finally it gave me 3, haha.

It was a pretty funny method though and I’m sure it’ll be refined over time. Good stuff.

Or just changing the variable names of the submission form.

These scripts are based on the larger mass that all uses the PHP / CGI pack out-of-the-box without manipulations.
Spammers won’t write specific scripts to be able to submit their spam just only to one site unless this is pretty important to them.
Sites with very large communities or autocreate email addresses for spam responses like google-mail, hotmail or the like but not for something like board-spamming or comment spamming on sites that won’t raise any particular benefit if the benefit would be less than a couple of percentages.