Hi all,

Im thinking about buying PC speaker mostly for Renoise and to listen to mp3s. Some friends of mine advised me to get some Altec Lansing PT6021(http://www.alteclansing.com/index.php?file=north_product_detail&iproduct_id=pt602) for ~350$.

What do you think about it ? Do you have any advice about what i should get ?

See you,

depends on what you wanna do, if just play around a little in renoise and listen to your mp3 then those speakers are fine. If you want to be more serious about that renoise part though, then go for monitors :)

Multimedia speakers, especially those 2.1 setups with tiny sattelites + sub are well known for way overboosting lows and lacking in mids. So if you listen to mp3-s then its usually fine, you get that thumping sound with “big” bass. But if you are into music production, then its really terrible to mix on those multimedia 2.1 speakers, you will find your mixes very thin and without any lowend etc. In that case you will be way better off with some budget line studio monitors.


In music production, i bet you will be way better off with these and they cost the same. If your budget is not that tight then you can add little more money and get these or these Of course these are not the only options, you will find a lot of different possibilities in budget range studio monitors on the market.

Behringer Truth speakers are pretty good and dependning on where you live in. It fits nicely in your budget.

I can recommend the Alesis M1active usb monitors, they quite cheap quite, good for monitoring renoise projects and also have a audio interface built into them. They worked for me to give a similar sort of solution.

Hmm, whats that usb thing all about?
is it more than a digital line in?
Cause I think the price is good and I am looking for monitors anyway.
Just making some renoise tracks, nothing professional.
Can these be recommended or are there any better?