Special Sale Of Indamixx / Renoise Usb Version For Renoise(Rs)

This was the first time a tracker was represented at the behemoth music trade show known as NAMM, so this falls under “collectors item” for anyone who’s down.

Here’s the mail I got from Ron at Indamixx:

Click here for all the details <

Good times.

This is really great. Has anyone tried this yet? I’m wondering what the advantages are using Renoise through their Transmission OS versus a standard Ubuntu or WinXP install.

Wow… I had no idea what Indamixx was all about till I went to their site just now. Props to that… Renoise is going to get a LOT of exposure due to this.

I think Indamixx looks great, but already having a renoise licence I cant justify this. Shame as I’d love to give it a try on my MSI Wind that is currently running OSX, to see how it compares.

Maybe one day when I mysteriously come into some money! :rolleyes:

You also get EnergXt with that if you already don’t have it. It is not only Renoise that comes with the package you know?
Now with the coupon code you get the discount so you can see that as not paying extra for a license you already have.

Hadn’t seen the little Samsung Q1 unit before. Seems a little expensive at $1200 when the standard Q1 Ultra can be got for around £370 though! Although don’t really know any American stores to check but quick search seems to not have it available for under about $900 so maybe it’s not so bad. Strange, usually the US is loads cheaper than the UK, not the other way around. (Yes I know there are various version of the Q1, tried to make sure it says 800MHz CPU, 1GB RAM and 40GB hard drive to try and make sure same unit.)

Definitely a great product, highly recommended.

Not trying to be a buzz kill but energy XT is only demo version.