Special Track

It will be good if Renoise can ADD max 4 new tracks which start count from beggining to end, without repeating.

Reason why I need this tracks are my voice. I make rap recording in WaveLab and would like to add this rapping into renoise, so I would need to have and possibility to add from 1 to 4 tracks, which doesn’t repeat.

It start from 00 and ends where is last pattern.

don’t understand … you can stop song playing by command 0F000 (i think so) … or what? … or better work with multitrack recording software … first make your music - after this record your voice … n-track is a low price software for this

Dont want to stop playing, and how do you think to stop playing.

Take this example:
Track Beat lenght 20, repeating x 4
you have rap, which start lets say, at 01 with trackbeat and lenght of rap is 20 x 4, 80.

Then if you repeat pattern you will always hear just 1/4 of rapping, if you have special tracks then you will hear everything.
Do you understand me?

And authors of Renoise, do you plan to add Voice recording in realtime, directly in Renoise. Also will be good if you don’t take much time to your sampler editor, just use Wavelab as sample editor.


You can try to increase the pattern lenght?
Or add another pattern?

dove: now i understand what u mean … u want to repeat a small block of note-data e.g. a beat within a long pattern … copy and paste and make a long pattern - like splain says …