Specific Dsp Use

Can one use a DSP within a track so that the DSP’s are activated only on certain lines within a pattern in the track, and not throughout the entire track?



The simple way is to use the effect on/off commands. If you click the effect on and off it will tell you what those commands are in the bottom left of the screen.
example: your first dsp effect on a track will be turned on with “1F01” and off with “1F00” at any given line, anytime.

I’m not sure how smoothly this will work for everything but it’s one solution.

I tend to automate the dry/wet params, if they are available, and just keep the effects on all the time. That will also work with using “sends.”
hope this helps.

Also, if you have your cursor where you want to add an effect on/off command, just right click the checkbox on the effect and it will write that value into the effect column. I use this all the time.

Edit: It should be noted that this works with almost all parameters of all native DSP effects.