Spectral Mapping Editor (just Like From Adobe Audition Or From Imageli


I’ve seen alot of potential from the likes and direction of manipulating sound at its visual spectral level… the ones where you may see from such software examples like from Adobe Audition or Sound-booth where with it’s photoshopic graphic tools (lasso, gradient, variable selectors, brushes, etc…)you can literally adjust the sonic content of the audio-waveform track(s) by manipulating directly at it’s spectral imaging… another example came from an added plugin feature from Imageline, ‘Edison’ a nicely laid-out editor with enough features for direct manipulation. There was also another clear example from what I’ve recalled when I had once stumbled upon one of the postings from ‘KVR audio’ forum, where an independant plugin developer had made a set of ‘mastering tools’ that directly manipulates the spectral content of your mix. And from their video clip demonstration they had illustrate one of many neat convenient tricks to remove unwanted ambience (plane/train pass-by) or semi-foreground sound (like someone coughing during a good take) and just like editing photos in a ‘photoshop’ fashion, one can literally erase that unwanted sound… (this may also lead to interesting effects when takin’ appropriation in the opposite direction).

So, if Renoise where to possibly explore that route to offer a ‘niche’ portion towards the wave/sampling department that this would count more towards as a refine method of mastering…

Not sure if you are aware of Spectro? Last time i’ve tried the demo it worked fine in Renoise.


Thankyou for referring to Spectro…

I was referring to something similar like Spectro (but it was more like a full-blown editor type of plugin) [it was featured as a set of 3 mastering plugins…] <- last time featured by word-of-post at KVR audio forum… (2 months ago…)

If Renoise where to either explore something in the line of ‘spectral-mapping’ (for either Visualization or for different method of sample/sonic editing… then that would be gnarly