Spectrum L/r Summing Mode

As previous conversations have highlighted the way the Spectrum currently work (in the new modes as well) is to sum together left and right and then calculate the frequency content from this signal. This obviously gives no display on out of phase signals!

Can we have this either set to be Average of Left-Spectrum + Right-Spectrum. This would then give more accurate results in many more situations.

Or have the option to choose between Mono-Sum (current mode), Spectrum-Sum (above), Left-Only and Right-Only or similar.

As we how have the option to display two curves I would also like the option to display Left and Right as their own curve in the same window. Even if this limits it to only only on Track (normal/group/send/master.)

Yes. And maybe, that gave birth to the correlation meter. I confess that I had a few difficulties to grasp the correlation meter concept, it wasn’t as easy as reading a typical spectrum view.

Especially as it seems +1 = 0deg phase shift, 0.0 = 90deg phase shift and -1 = 180deg phase shift. Something which doesn’t seem to align with any meters I am used to working with/repairing. Plus it is phase only so doesn’t take into account differences in level between left and right, which the spectrum will do.