Spectrum View In Sample Editor

How about that?

Do we get burn and sponge tools for editing those as well? With threshold and tolerance controls? Or 3d eq for freq, db and timeline?

I’m not really sure what would be the benefit of having a spectrum view, besides the fact that it looks cool. We don’t really have any eq-tools in the sampler view (except for smooth-tool) either. Hmm… the mockup was nice though. ;)

I want spectograph in Renoise header. The current spectrum analyser is not that useful unfortunately. :(

we just need an “external editor” button.

CTRL+C, go to external editor, Set option in external editor to accept system clipboard, CTRL+V


I think there are enough good things like that in a vst-way or am I wrong?

And I think it would be more usefull if this is in the Renoise header like “Suva” said.



don’t be mean.


thought about that one, but didn’t believe that someone else might find it good…

It would be interesting to see the actual peak file in the editor. Much like a paint and play program only interpreted vertically. Though some purist might frown on that.

i am for something like this,as said the current “spectrum analyzer” isent the best

Yet another task for our friend, the 3rd party tool.