Speed Improvement? Save Just Song Data, When Nothing Else Was Changed

already there?
idea: make save funcion faster, saves just the song data if that’s the only thing that was changed

my songs become usually around 150 mb, ~ 5 mb song data

i have the samples unchanged often, trackering and hitting strg-s a lot. takes 5 seconds each time.

it would be cool if renoise flagged the multisamples (as a whole, individual, anything) not being changed and then only touch the song data when i hit save. would take much less time? i know, it’s a zip.
when i copy the 150 mb file in explorer it takes 0,5 sec, so …maybe… renoise could (even for save-as) just copy something and replace the song data. dunno. if you’d find any way to make it faster, would be great.