Speh - Nothing Else


Here’s a track I started a week ago, and i’m still quite unsure about it (especially the bass mixdown). Any feedback or advice to impove it would be very appreciated :) Thanks for your time.


It does seem to be too much base in it, try to cut the lows off your pads.

The beat seems to be a bit too fast to my liking, you have an ambient track with an EDM beat, they do not seem to go well together, these are very different genres.

the lows are too deep for me as well, making my (horrible) woofer fart quite a bit.

apart from this, I enjoyed it. The end is too void, though: I would like a longer and more complex release

Typical, when by the end of the song you run out of inspiration and have to finish it somehow:)

It almost looks like it is better to write songs from the end, at least you won’t be going through this torture of trying to scrape a last couple of patterns together.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Lows are really hard to mix in my room, so it helps me a lot to know how it sounds elsewhere. I’ll try to follow your other advices too.
Thanks for having taken the time to listen.