Split/link Effect Column Cursor Behaviour

Currently in Renoise if you are on effect_column 0000 at the first 0, inputting a number takes you to the next line’s first 0. Here is prior art that proposes a split/link effect column cursor behaviour.

This is how it’s done in SchismTracker:
If you switch it to link-mode, and place your cursor to the first 0, pressing a key will take you to the second 0, and then the third 0. then back to the first 0. (Schism only has three characters available in the effect_column).

If you switch it to split-mode, and place your cursor to the first 0, when you press a key, you are taken to the next row. This is how Renoise does it. But, if you are in the effect_column.amount_value section, and input a number, you are taken to the second amount_value section. then when you press a number there, you are taken to the next row’s first amount_value section. This allows for quickly inputting numbers in.


SHIFT+input is what does this in Renoise.

How do I make the current behaviour shift-input and shift-input = default behaviour, please?

@esaruoho: you can’t. so if that is something you want, then your suggestion has a use indeed.

Yes, it would be wonderful to have that.