Split Phase - Equinox - Live Dnb

Well, it’s not a traditional use of renoise by any means, but it’s renoise (run through lots of fun toys) none the less :)

did you even had the idea you were jamming there for 15 minutes or you really practiced a couple of times to get this one good take?

Had to assure myself you weren’t referring to Equinox of Scientific Wax in your post but nice stuff. Admit I only listened really, rather than watched and tried to diagnose exactly how you are using Renoise within the performance. Guessing a basic tick track (metronome) and mostly live playing of instruments yeah? Or is much sequenced?

We did one practice take, a 2nd take that got interrupted when someone walked in, and then third time was the charm :) we’re all about the jamming though, once it gets going time suspends, rational thought vanishes :)

Yeah, you pretty much hit it on the head. It varies from track to track but we’ve been gravitating towards the live looping building it up layer by layer approach these days. On this tune I’ve got a hihat and the intital chords recorded in as a sequence to get things started then that gets looped into the kp3. Past that I’m pretty much using renoise as a vsti host and effects rack. I realize renoise might not be the most ideal solution for this but its just what I’m used to, and quite frankly works wonderfully in this respect.

very nice and so musically well executed! enjoyed listening :slight_smile:

thx man, glad u dug :)

That was awesome! Both of you guys sound great, but kudos to the drummer for staying in perfect sync. I’ve always wanted to try using renoise for a performance like this, but haven’t gotten around to it. This is some inspiration. :slight_smile:

Regards, Matt

thanks man! :) will send your kudos to the drummer! he’s a ton of fun to play with, always got the right beat for whatever happens to come along :)