Split Stereo Samples In The Editor

Is it already posible to do this? I have not been able at least to mark for example only the left channel of a sample, cut it out and then paste it as a new sound.

It would be quite usefull and probably not that much work to add.

I for example often record one instrument in left and another one in right. it would save me some time to be able to split the samples directly in renoise instead of exporting them to amadeus pro or some other wave-editing program.


i would love a button that makes samples MONO… how hard is that? :)


Oh Dang… i learn something everyday. :)
Anyways. thanx for the information.
And don’t say RTFM!

Renoise - The f****ing Mostest!

Yep, I think it’s a basic feature that could really be useful!
Now I have to make mono every samples who have stereo problems, not really professional :(


+1 basic comprehensive reading skills ;)

… I was talking about the Subcomandante’s idea, not about annide’s question :huh: