Split Track To Separate Tracks

I would like to split a track into 3 different tracks so I can eq them differently…

for example, I want to split a sound into low, mid, and high components and apply different effects to each component… is this possible?

thanks …

Try reading here: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=122541

In a rough way i would send the track to three send-tracks and eq the track-output differently in the sendtracks.
You could cut off the hi/mid in sendtrack 1 to only eq the low, cut-off the low/high in the mid-send track and cutt-off the low/mid in the high sendtrack.
depending upon the punch of some sounds, the compressor / limiter can also remove lows and mids drastically.

(I’ve tried this with a drumloop-sample i wanted to use but couldn’t split)

Set in two first send devices “keep source”, so the audio signal can get through to next send device.